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Working at GO ENERJİ

GO Enerji acting with the concept of continuous development, makes this real with its precious staff of experienced and skilled people with a deep knowledge in their fields. Working at GO Enerji is not an obligation, its an enjoyful habit.

GO Enerji with its working environment of pleasure and fun without conceding of the work discipline, is the working address for those who develop themselves within the opportunities and initiatives given to them and having the instinct of protecting the nature.

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The GO Enerji family consists of people above a certain level regarding their education, knowledge and experience and the personal improvement is very important in the culture of the company. For this reason we always support and offer special educations to everyone in order to improve the needed knowledge and abilities further in technical matters and on their responsibility fields and we offer special opportunities for development in general knowledge, arts, sports and personal abilities. We offer a chance to rise for everyone who keeps developing while making a career.
GOEN, Solar Energy, Enjoy Office
It was never that fun coming to work. People pass most of their awake time at work. The more the working environment is a pleasure, the more it creates happy people. With this belief, GO Enerji offers a working environment of pleasure. The staff, knowing its responsibilities, can use opportunities as sport activities, watching movies/documentaries and even playing video games.
GO Enerji with its concept of being a pioneer of innovation, offers all its workers the opportunity to realize their ideas. New ideas as developing a technology based product, a scientific experiment or just examine a detail coming to mind are supported and the possibilities needed are given:

  •    The labs are free to use for all workers
  •    Special funds are assigned
  •    Speacial possibilities are created for the matters which somebody wants to examine