For Quality Control and New Technologies

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In the belief that quality is an extreme important principle, we first of all are going through a phase all products and equipment offered to our customers.
Parts provided from different producers of different countries of world, before entering to our supply chain are tested in terms of quality, usability and longevity. All products of all producers we tested within our own criteria, if they reach target criteria may be included in our supply chain.
At the same time for studies collaborated with different universities in Turkey, we also benefit from laboratories of these universities.

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Quality Control Infrastructure

All parts, produced by whatever producer to be included to our supply chain, should be provided criteria above world standarts that we set own. Solar panels, inverters, cables, mechanical and all electrical components, must be corresponded, absolutely, to our quality standards done with tests and analysis.

Research & Development

GO Energy has its own laboratories to improve the quality of products and present service, to make quality control tests and develop new technologies.