The New Name of Profitable Investment : Solar Energy

Prefer GOEN® Solar Power Plants to add value to your funds. Benefit of advantages you can't find anywhere else.

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Turnkey Solutions

GO Enerji delivers all its services as turnkey. The Solar Power Plants are delivered with all the works already done from investment consulting to pre-evaluatings, from design to installation, from getting permissions to commissioning, ready to work.

Not only for earnings, but also for the environment the Solar Power Plants investment is the right choice. With this feature the first coice of investors around the world are Solar Power Plants.

Solar Power Plant, GOENGES

Our Services For Your Investments

In Addition to Planning and Installation, Services Before and After

Solar Power Plant, Advisory, GOENGES


Investment Assessments

We offer with our experts team evaluations, analyzes, advices, and invesment feasibility report for the investors to the Solar Power Plant (GOENGES®).

Solar Power Plant, Measurement, GOENGES


Irradiation Potential Analysis

Prior to investment we offer in-site phsical measurement service, the measurement of irrediation on the referred field and reporting to legal offices.

Solar Power Plant, Maintenance, GOENGES


Regular Monitoring of the Plants

To monitor the performance of GOENGES® after its installation and to increase its performance, we control it with our special techniques,7/24 remote monitoring and reporting are within the scope of our sevice.

Solar Power Plant, Operating, GOENGES


Protection and Management

In the scope of our operating services we offer 7/24 phsical monitoring, protection by special security teams, menagement and small maintaining and cleaning services after the installation of GOENGES®

Benefit From This Profitable Investment Tool

Be a GOENGES® Solar Power Plant investor with all its advantages and earnings

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