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goen, solar energy RD projects

Our Projects on Solar Energy Electronics

The existing solar energy technologies are used since tens of years and have proved that they are the right solution. But there's always a way for advancing. We do reaseach and development works to increase the quality of existing technologies and for new innovations

goen, solar energy RD projects

Our Projects on Solar Energy Mechanics

We do research works on cheaper and more productive solutions on the metals used on solar energy systems and plants.We are developing cheaper structures with longer lifes within our research and development projects.

goen, solar energy cell, projects

Our Projects on New Generation Solar Cells

Especially the development of nanotechnology opens new ways to the mankind for new technologies and new techniqques. For this reason we do innovative works to new generation of solar panels by using the latest discoveries.

goen, solar energy, particul physics, projects

Our Projects on Particle Physics

The solar energy technology (Photovoltaic) is a interaction reaction of two particles, photon and electron. Research on this fiels will open new ways to develop existing technologies and alternatives. For this reason we search for new methods to present to mankind by scientific researches.

New Technologies

GO Enerji, works on increasing the quality of its existing services and uses its knowledges to develop new technologies and innovations for the world.

Varieties of Our Projects


Those are the works we do to increase our qualities.


The works we do to find new innovations.


Our works for new innovations by detailed reseach on existing technologies.