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Rooftop Installations

It's the solar energy system that GO Enerji offers in order to install it on the roofs of the buildings. It's the most widely chosen use area for buildings. An installation for all roof types can be provided.

Suitable For All Buildings

GOEN® RoofTop

Solar Energy Systems, Photovoltaics, PV, Roof, GOEN

With GO Enerji roof installation solar energy systems, the solar panels are installed on the roofs of your buildings. The alternatives suitable for all roof types, the installation occurs with special tools.

Solar Energy Systems, Photovoltaics, PV, Roof, GOEN With the analyzes that we make with our expert team prior to the installation, we decide which technique is to be used for the installation. Our installation works support the strength of the roof and they are guaranteed not to lack any water or other fluids. The solar panels are installed on the highest international standards with all the load and seismic calculations and they operate for tens of years under any weather condition.

Did you now that an installed solar energy system can be transported to another building even after its installation? Thus, even if you change your building your solar energy system will always be with you.

The roof installation and application are the most widely preferred choices. It allows to utilise the wide roof surfaces and to profit of the advantages in installation costs. For this solution which can be used even on sheet metal roofs, it's enough for the roof to have a 12-13kg of load capacity. GO Enerji, which offers different solutions for different roof types, has solutions for as low as 4kg per square meter roof load capacity. With our application designs, there are different choices for the aesthetic of the building. Thus we bring elegance to your building.

Solar Energy Systems, Photovoltaics, PV, Roof, GOEN


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