The Most Efficient Solar Powered Lamps of the World

Now the streets are enlightened with solar energy. With EKİNOKS® Solar Powered Lamps they shine free of costs.

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The Moments Night and Day Are the Same

The EKİNOKS® developed by GO Enerji research and development department, our streets lights are the most productive lamps of the world with their light and high quality.

Quality & Long Life

The parts used in EKİNOKS® lamps are delivered from the best producers in the world These lamps have a long life thanks to the quality of their parts, tecnical structre and design.

Strong Light

Thanks to reseach and development works of many years the EKİNOKS® Solar Powered street lights have a superior quality because of their strong light.


The EKİNOKS® lamps are designed suitable for all weather conditions and can function properly day and night.

Aestetic Designs

EKİNOKS® lamps, which has been shaped by touch with professional designers, are designed for adding elegance to streets and alleys as well as offering free light.

EKİNOKS® Solar Powered Street Lamps fill up their batteries in the day and turn on automatically at night. In the day time they automatically turn off and fill up their batteries.

Ekinoks Solar Powered Lamp, Solar Street Light, GOEN

The Streets Can Be Enlightened Free of Charge.

Get your EKİNOKS® lamps with all its benefits

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